Sunday, June 9, 2013

the untitled story

The hater and the hated. The bestfriend and the lover. The soulmate and the spouse. The ghost and the hunted. The cactus and the dessert. The superhero and the villain-free city. The lemon and the vodka... How does it feel like to be THE irony in an ironic story? It's like choosing just one in every two options I just mentioned. Some of them sounds good (like soulmates and superheroes and lemons and vodka), but they can only be good if they serve the purpose of their existence. Without meaning, they are also just one of those choices people struggled with  each day. Just as without a villain, a superhero is just one of those ordinary guys who takes a bath and eat at least three times a day.

This post is for people like me who sometimes ask a lot of questions because they are afraid that if they stop asking, they would finally get an unpleasant answer. And I admit, I have this mood when I'd rather die wondering than know exactly how bad and painful the answer is. But i try to look anyway; I ask anyway.  Even when I know it will really hurt, I ask anyway. Then it led me to this: If life is as simple as learning to cook pancakes, then we would all be in deep trouble. Because just like life, pancakes looks easy to prepare, but it really is not...not when you want a really tasty and perfectly made pancakes (this is making me hungry).

So we are given a chance to choose who we could be, who would you want to be? I guess the reason why we are given freewill in the first place is because choosing one's fate from a limited list of options is unfair and stupid. We could be anyone, the options are infinite; this is basically what makes the choosing difficult and yet fun. 

If there could be an easy way out of all the illogical situations you get yourself into, but then the payback is that you get to live only within the bounds of all the things that makes life fine but not really great, would you take the bait? We create and live in stories every single day; some we share, some remain forever just that... a story untold. I'd rather have great untold stories than share all those that don't really make any difference to the world. Who cares about bragging rights? It doesn't make one happy and content... not for a long time anyway.

To make a mountain of your life
Is just a choice
But I never learned enough
To listen to the voice that told me
Always love... Hate will get you every time...
Always love... Don't wait til the finish line...

Slow demands come 'round
Squeeze the air and keep the rest out
It helps to write it down
Even when you then cross it out
But always love... Hate will get you every time...
Always love... Even when you wanna fight...

Self-directed lives
I want to know what it'd be like to
Aim so high above
Any card that you've dealt you
Always love... Hate will get you every time...
Always love... Hate will get you...

- Always  Love by Nada Surf

This was the background song when Robin lost her I-love-you-ginity to Ted in How I Met Your Mother...And yeah, it feels right when all along you've just been waiting for is the right person. When finally you find the right person, you would no longer have to choose... you could be who you really are.