Thursday, January 10, 2013

Of goodbyes and new beginnings.

When we think of how anything about life works, the most common denominator there is is that there's always a beginning and an end. Doors that open eventually close. Students graduate, wishes come true, leaves fall and rainbows lose color. Even nightmares and dreams do not take forever. Everything starts with life and ends at death.

I guess it is nature's way of balancing things: Nothing really lasts forever.

We can't always keep a firm hold on it all. We can't always choose who has to stay and who has to go. We can't choose especially when it is not just our decision to make. But despite of how unpredictable life is, there is the beauty in the thought that an end in something means another beginning in something else. Yeah, that's sweet and comforting.

But big chances really has the tendency to overtake decisions we thought would always stand firm. Cross the bridge when you get there; now that I'm here though, I don't know if I would reach the end of the bridge if I take the chance to cross it. I'll never know unless I try, right? Oh well, little bridge, here I come!

It's crazy to let fate handle it all. But now, really, even minor details are very hard to not ignore. I feel like I have to pay attention so as to not regret anything; so that even if worse comes to worst, I'll only have myself to blame. But I guess it's stupid to plan on how to play the blame game now that things are actually going great, if I will look at things in a wider perspective, that is. Good vibes, let's hope only for good vibes.

If someone will ask me if I am happy, my answer is Yes.
If I will not find the reason to be happy even during the most unstable circumstances, there will be no hope for anything else positive.

If someone will ask me if I am scared, my answer is also Yes.
Come on, if I will always know what to expect, what's the fun in that?

Decisions, decisions.
Oh well. Without effort, destiny is just another overrated word. Right? :))))))

Here's to my new family. Even when things comes to their end,
 there's always those genuine bond that will withstand everything.


p.s. It's been soooooooooooooo long. I missed you so much my blogger page and you my blogger friends, hugs, hugs, hugssssssssssssss. BELATED Merry Christams and Happy New Year! Let's all make this year a blast! God bless!