Monday, October 1, 2012

"why are you doing..."

school stuff are always at its peak (mostly irritating) when the semester is about to end. maybe it's the fault of us students who get the kick out of procrastination... but i like the sound of that it's always because of the professors' "antagonistic natures" (peace sirs and maams! LOL). either way, i'm stuck with projects and researches due within the week. DEADLINES, why don't you just die right now?! 

oh well, i think i'm well-equipped for the night's battle. caramel frap (why is it that java chip and mocha are out of stock?whyyyyyyyyyy?), a pack of chili hi-ho (my latest junk food addiction), and ritter sport (new chocolate favorite which according to my cousin isnt avail here in the philippines. and i dont believe him!).. and i have 37 Maroon 5 songs in queue to keep me entertained while im painstakingly doing what i have to do. im not much good doing what must be done, so pray for me please... good night!

P.S. whenever i remember my 3/yo cousin asking me "ate why are you doing...?" with so much innocence and curiousity, i feel revv and i just cant help smiling...



  1. Speaking on the other side of the fence, professors beat deadline too haha Kung pwede lang wag na magpa-project eh wag na haha Anyway, I think you are a tough one :) My comment maybe late pero alam ko, nagawa mo :)

  2. hahahaha. PASINTABI PO! :)))) i know that, pero minsan talaga mas masarap manisi ng professors....lalo kapag hopeless na and studyante.. hehe.